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LV Design Jewelry - Something very differentLV Design Jewelry - Something very differentLV Design Jewelry - Something very differentLV Design Jewelry - Something very differentLV Design Jewelry - Something very different

L V Design Jewelry

Something very different

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I have always loved art and from age four, wanted to be an artist. This love enabled me to approached life's strange twists creatively. I now consider myself an artist and designer and wish to share my one of a kind jewelry designs with you.



Initially Yours - Bangle Bracelet  Lucy in her Studio 



Lucy Valderhaug Design Jewelry 


  One to One Creative Studio Time

 Studio Time with Lucy

Spend four hours in my jewelry studio, to create two pairs of sterling silver earrings, for yourself or for a gift.


This informative studio time includes guided instructions in forming, cutting, soldering, and finishing sterling silver.

  Contact me to schedule your special time, today.



 Lucy Valderhaug Design Jewelry





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Custom Designs

  Unique is my style and Sterling Silver is my favorite. It can be your favorite style, too. I do so enjoy creating custom and individual designs. Contact me today for your personal visit and create that special piece that is only yours!

Sterling Silver Rings by Lucy Valderhaug

My BLOSSOM BRACELET, made for over 20 years. You'll see them all around Yakima and Washington state. Contact me  today for more information. Blossom Bracelet 

















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Lucy Valderhaug Design Jewelry 

New at the 2017 June Art Fest  

Copper, Brass & Sterling Bangles - Stack them up!

  • 10% of the price of your order is donated to the YWCA of Yakima Woman's Shelter. 
  • Each of the limited edition pieces are created only four times, a certificate will accompany your selection.      
  • I plan to be available for at least four exhibits or local trunk shows each year… The exact dates are found on my Schedule.     
  • I can always arrange local, private shows.      
  • My pieces can be seen locally in Yakima at Oak Hollow Gallery, Blue Sage Salon, and Bead & Body in the Chalet Place, 56th and Summitview.
  • You can also visit me along with other local Yakima Valley artists online at

 L V Designs by Lucy Valderhaug

 Titled “Endangered Prehistory” it is 32 inches high and 22 inches wide.
Here a recent project -- I learned a lot about soldering stainless steel and other metals. My inspiration came from a National Geographic article on ancient cave paintings found in Utah. Our current administration puts these cave paintings and other national treasures into jeopardy. Titled “Endangered Prehistory” it is 32" high and 22" wide.

My Incarnation

My jewelry design website is my most recent incarnation; it is my desire that these pieces become heirlooms.  I hope they exist long after my lifetime, to be treasured, and passed along to future generations.